Mind's Eye Comics Pick!! -- DC Mech #1

DC Mech #1, DC Comics

Written By: Kenny Porter

Art By: Baldemar Rivas

Jumping on the Mech train, DC Comics presents its own Mech story, written by Kenny Porter and drawn by Baldemar Rivas. At the end of World War 2, the Justice Society of America (JSA) has little time to celebrate, as a large Parademon Mech suddenly booms onto Earth in Metropolis and wipes out half the team before they can claim victory. The price of that victory is paranoia towards any non-humans across the Earth, the JSA disbanding and the realization that this Parademon was just a scout and more are coming. Meanwhile, as Darkseid and Apokolips wipes out planets, including Krypton, Superman is sent to Earth in a large advanced Mech of his own, learning how to fight back against Darkseid on his journey to Earth. Flash forward to the present, where Earth has been preparing for the return of the Parademons, and where villains and heroes alike use Mech. When three new Parademon Mech's suddenly appear, the overmatched heroes put the call out for backup, but it may come from an unlikely source.

To be honest, I had written this off as another cash grab and copy-cat of Marvel's recent Mech stories. However, Rivas' art grabbed me, and upon reading the story, I was impressed with the scope and imagination put into this new Elseworld's tale. The prologue(s) definitely grab your attention, between the JSA battle and the fate of Krypton, setting the stage for the story ahead, and it was cool to see a plausible reason for the heroes and villains of this world use Mech's. It comes off as more unique than most Elseworld's tales, featuring elements from the familiar tales, such as baby Superman being sent from a dying Krypton to Earth, but still has enough uniqueness to keep it fresh and new. The final scene was fully expected, but the moment still played well and set up a final page confrontation that keeps me interested for issue 2. If the idea of the DC heroes and villains using huge Mech sounds cool to you, this will be exactly what you're looking for and would expect. And even if it's not immediately your thing, I'd recommend giving it a try. I know it surprised me how much fun I had with this issue.