Mind's Eye Comics Pick!! -- Crucified: Exorcisms (One Shot)

Crucified: Exorcisms (One Shot), Scout Comics

Writer: Sheldon Allen

Artist: Mauricio Campetella

**Note: This is a Mature Readers comic book.

During a live television broadcast, a man calling himself "The Christ" recounts to his interviewer and his audience the details of a recent exorcism he conducted in Haiti. While the man interviewing him, a stand in for a typical right wing, Fox News corporate type, is filled with contempt and skepticism, Christ none the less calmly recounts his tale, dealing with sarcasm and disbelief every step of the way. After giving backstory, on creation and the dispelling of demons down into Hell, Christ explains how demons are able to escape to our plane of existence and the need to inhabit a host to survive here. After a natural disaster allows a demon to enter a young boy, Maurice, Christ arrives to exorcise the demon. When his tale is completed, and the right wing interviewer takes things into an even more disrespectful line of questioning, Christ begins displaying his full power and his true message and reason for being there. 

Just in time for Easter, comes this alternate tale of religion, politics and an unexpected and important message in the closing pages. Taking this for what it is, a comic book and work of fiction, the story was very compelling, well researched, and had a few very good twists. It explores the mythology within Christianity, particularly as it relates to demons and exorcisms. The story of this Christ figure battling a demon, on essentially an astral plane, over the life and soul of this young boy, was epic and really well drawn by Mauricio Campetella. Honestly, I found this comic captivating from start to finish and the ending was both shocking and unexpected. And a bit perplexing, yet thought provoking, it was none the less awesome seeing Christ turn the tables on his disrespectful interviewer. Geared at mature readers, and for the more open-minded, this is a really fun comic that I would wholeheartedly recommend.