Mind's Eye Comics Pick! - Chicken Devil -

Chicken Devil Published by Aftershock

A delightfully weird, oddball joy of a comic, Chicken Devil, from Aftershock Comics, is written by Brian Buccellato and drawn by Hayden Sherman. It feels very much in the vain of ‘90s crime/adult humor movies like Snatch, Trainspotting or Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. As the cover suggests, it’s a weird comic, but honestly endearing from the first few pages. Buccellato’s humor makes the characters immediately interesting and relatable, even in the extreme situations he puts them in. In issue 1, we meet Mitchell Moss, a down on his luck husband, parent and owner of a chain of Chicken restaurants, which feature his own secret recipe and proprietary fryers. While putting out metaphorical fires at home, his business partner, Antonio, calls because a literal fire has burned a good deal of product at their warehouse. What’s worse, is Antonio refuses to call the insurance, because he was using the business to smuggle drugs for Russian mobsters. As you would expect, those same monsters come looking for their money, and Mitchell finds himself in a world of trouble, with disastrous consequences. Crude language aside, making this comic for mature audiences only, Chicken Devil is an unexpected breath of fresh air and fun on the comic stands this week. With that feel and nod to those ‘90s films I mentioned, the series is set up to be a lot of fun, and honestly the way this issue ends, how could you not return for more? Hayden Sherman’s artwork also ads to the tone and feel of the book in tremendous ways. This is another hit from Aftershock, and another installment in what’s become a great market for independent books. Yes, it’s a guy in a Chicken mascot costume on the cover, but give it a chance. You’ll thank me later!