Mind's Eye Comics Pick! - Carnage #1

Carnage #1, Marvel Comics

Writer: Ram V

Artist: Francesco Manna

Continuing from the events of the Carnage Forever one shot, the Carnage Symbiote is still on its own following the King in Black crossover, and a serial killer is trying to get the Symbiote’s attention. Leaving clues for Carnage, the killer seeks to become his next host. Meanwhile, a Detective is on the killer’s trail, and is fast getting in over his head, while Carnage has his own grand schemes. Complete with a backup by industry veterans David Michelinie and Ron Lim, Carnage issue 1 shows a lot of promise in what it’s trying to be. 

The serial killer angle was immediately compelling to me, even if he wasn’t trying to get Carnage’s attention. Add the Detective angle in as well, and Carnage using Hydro Man for some nefarious purpose, and you suddenly have a new cast of characters interacting with each other and Carnage. It reminds me of Zdarsky’s current on Daredevil, when he added in a new Detective character. There’s definitely enough here, and in the Forever one shot, that I’m willing to stick with it and see where Ram V takes things.