Mind's Eye Comics Pick! -- Blood Stained Teeth #1

Blood Stained Teeth #1, Image Comics 

Story/Creator: Christian Ward

Art/Creator: Patric Reynolds; Colors: Heather Moore; Letters: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou 

Image #1 issues usually do not disappoint, and Blood Stained Teeth does a great job of pulling you in from the very first page, and keeps up that pacing until the very last page.

You are introduced to this dark world that favors first born vampires and the power they have over others. This world is messy and crime filled. The main character you meet, Atticus Sloane, is a vampire for hire who is rebellious and craves money enough to turn anyone, but only for the right price.

I am a sucker (pun intended) for vampire-based stories, so this was a must for me. Christian Ward’s artwork is always stunning, so I was interested to read his writing style. It mixes really fluidly with Patric Reynolds’ artwork, which is bright and fits the story in a creepy and trippy way.

This is a modern vampire noir that shouldn’t be missed!