Mind's Eye Comics Pick! - Little Monsters #1

Little Monsters #1, Image Comics

Writer: Jeff Lemire

Artist: Dustin Nguyen 

A new series from Image Comics, Little Monsters focuses on a group of immortal children as they go through the monotony of their daily lives. Whether it’s playing capture the flag, drawing on walls, writing music, or carelessly jumping off rooftops, the kids are bored of their decades old routine as they wait for the return of an elder. As it’s revealed they’ve been alone for a long time, the final pages cliffhanger changes everything.

A beautifully illustrated issue, using color only sparingly, and to great effect, while focused on grey tones to reveal the world these immortal children live in. The art and story combine to build a sense of suspense, as well as display the monotony and boredom of their routines. The eerie lack of other characters also adds to the mood of this first issue, as we get to know the children and their plight. A highly recommended series to be sure!